The Engineering of Elections $$$

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune
The Engineering of Elections $$$

Elections have always been orchestrated, engineered and intended as a front to pacify the masses while the opportunistic elitists continue their plunder legally.

This is more true today than ever because of media and telecommunications. You think you are a free thinker making your own decisions but nothing could be further from the truth. Even when we are extremely vigilant intellectually, there is always some emotional trap to fall into in some spectacle of life. We expect it with advertising to sell products but it gets much more sneaky as our political views are shaped and directed. People who fall for all the divisive reformist policies are an obstacle to true change and delight the oligarchs to no end.

Here are some examples of how both the Canadian and US elections are completely engineered and sponsored by billionaires who have no allegiance to any nation. Only to their own accumulation of wealth and power.

In Canada, the Calgary Herald published an article. They make it seem so shocking yet it is just an exmple of business as usual. It’s an oligarchy!! And it pays to have everyone side tracked into tangential debates that lead nowhere.

The Herald write:

“Canadians can only donate $1,550 to political parties and candidates. Union and corporate donations have been banned completely, and yet in the Senate hearing, Commissioner Cote said that as long as foreign money is donated to a third party six months prior to the election writ being dropped, the amount that can be donated is endless.

“Frum made the following observation during the April 13 senate hearing: “I could take a cheque for $10 million from Saudi Arabia, from Iran, from China — I could take any amount of money from a foreign contributor so long as I, a Canadian citizen, am receiving it?”

What they don’t mention is that most of the $manipulating money$ comes from the US.

Speaking of the US, their homegrown billionaires finance the whole show. Looks like this Bob Mercer is a major backer of Trump who really is playing his part quite well. He gives the appearance of being a rebel. He’s a puppet on a string.

See more in the notes below.


New report alleges outside influence in Canada's 2015 federal election

New report alleges outside influence in Canada’s 2015 federal election
Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald
More from Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald
Published on: May 23, 2017 | Last Updated: May 23, 2017 10:08 AM MDT

This is rather long:
A Reporter at Large
March 27, 2017 Issue
The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency
How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency.
By Jane Mayer

Check out this piece by James Corbett which shows how Big Data is running your life! There’s a wee video with Satya Nadella, Happiest Indian in the World and Microsoft’s 3rd chief Wizard.


Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft
Their Mission statement:
Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
[In other words, they want everyone to be connected and under control. Mobile first and cloud first means every thing you do is surveilled and recorded. Big Data has a big appetite.]

Microsoft’s vision
Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.”

Let’s look at Nadella’s compensation package.

To start, Nadella will receive $1.2 million in annual salary. In addition, he will be eligible for a cash bonus of up to $3.6 million every year.

Nadella will receive an EIP (Executive Incentive Program) bonus for the 2015 fiscal year. The amount of this stock award will be $13,200,000.

Nadella will also receive additional stock awards if shares of Microsoft do well relative to the S&P 500 between now and 2021.

Cambridge Analytica

Mission Statement
To deliver Data-Driven Behavioral Change by understanding what motivates the individual and engaging with target audiences in ways that move them to action.

Cambridge Analytica is committed to being an equal opportunity employer: our employees, consultants and job applicants receive fair treatment and are never singled out based on their gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, race, or any other similar grounds.

We are a non-partisan organization. Our client network includes governments and NGOs, commercial entities big and small, and political clients across the ideological spectrum.

Data-driven campaigns
We find your voters and move them to action.

CA Political has redefined the relationship between data and campaigns. By knowing your electorate better, you can achieve greater influence while lowering overall costs.

“There are no longer any experts except Cambridge Analytica.”

– Frank Luntz, Political Pollster


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