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Published November 19, 2016
Revised April 9, 2017

You will hear law enforcement from coast to coast using rhetoric like “ensuring public safety”. As a typical example of double speak, they are actually defending private property.

You are not allowed to use the Project Sitka report in any court case. None of the authors are named in the document but it is property of guess who??? Queen Lizzie “IN RIGHT OF CANADA as represented by the RCMP”. Names of the subjects have been redacted by CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

We always persevere. We never stop wanting to figure out people, especially those who hold unwarranted power in our lives. We have this crazy notion that people could actually get along and live peacefully.

It looks like these Crown Agents spent a lot of time sitting on their asses in front of computers studying web sites and Facebook pages to try to understand people they don’t know at all. They also used all their buddies’ police forces’ (OPP, SQ, City of…) files to identify subjects. These voyeur freaks like to do things remotely. They are completely out of line and show no signs of stopping their relentless attacks on Indigenous people and their Allies.

The anonymous authors of the Sitka report write, “…313 individuals were identified and reviewed within the scope of the project; of these, 89 were found to meet the criteria for criminality associated to public order events as defined within the methodology.”

This means they have files on how many people??? Likely tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, out of which they selected the 313 to review??? They eliminated 227 as “passive protestors” which leaves 86 if you do the math. How they end up with 89 is a mathematicians’s question? The information is shared with other law enforcement agencies including the FBI.

The focus of Project Sitka is Indigenous protests during a specified one year time frame. The standoff near Elsipogtog in Mi’kMaq territory involving extreme violence by the RCMP themselves explains the high number of subjects in New Brunswick. Other protests like anti police brutality, anti war, etc. would not be included. The g8 and g20 events described as “anti capitalist” are included. The OPP cover Aboriginal protests in Ontario including issues such as housing development in Ottawa and Six Nations. Similarly, the SQ have jurisdiction in Quebec so that the RCMP claim to have limited info “on the type of protests and identified individuals” there.

The hundreds of thousands, likely millions of files the Surveillance State start on people are always maintained. Nowadays, every single person attending a peaceful protest march is filmed and a file set up. If the Spooks decide to look at you, your file will always be there even if they have concluded you are NO THREAT.


It was important to the Imperial Enforcers to label the 89 people they targeted. They used systemologist Dr. Eli Sopow‘s criteria of protestor tactics and traits (V) Volatile (D) Disruptive and (P) Passive.

The categories were further broken down with legal terms to describe Suspect, Person of Interest and Associate. The totally Passive people were excluded from the study. According to Sopow, as much as 80% of protestors are law abiding people, ie passive. See the report for definitions.

External Influencers

The Sitka report zooms in on this group of mobile and vocal people. The elitists are always looking for our leaders because they presume we must have a hierarchy like theirs. They are not capable of understanding our independent actions based on the same ties to Mother Earth. They claim, “The analysis established that a cohesive national network of protestors working towards a collective goal does not exist”.

“Most Aboriginal public order events are local and draw local groups of protstors. However, a small group of external influencers will travel to areas to support local events, as well as represent their own agenda. This is demonstrated by the core group of protesteors identified within this project, whom have been shown to travel outside their own communities.”

State Agents are very worried about “external influencers” who may not be Indigenous. They just can’t believe we are capable of independent action. They write, “external influencers do not necessarily need to be physically present; they can faciliate or influence via social media and/or financing.”

And that is where independent media and journalists become targeted.

“The events most attended by identified individuals…are those opposing natural resource development, particularly pipeline and shale gas expansion. Some of these individuals advocate unlawful, and at times, violent protest tactics and techniques, yet THERE IS NO KNOWN EVIDENCE THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS POSE A DIRECT THREAT TO CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE”. (our emphasis)

But they’ll keep on looking for it or maybe make some up if they can’t find any.

“There is also no indication of organized crime exploiting the loose network associated to Aborignal protests to pursue a criminal agenda.”

So why so much time, effort and money spent to spy on people who POSE NO THREAT?!?!

Is this too a piece of double speak? Do the Colonial Elitists actually think Indigenous people are a serious threat, possibly the only threat/obstacle to their relentless imperial pillage and plunder here on Turtle Island??


Don’t you just love it when they label us and put us into their neat little boxes? Let’s play along and rate ourselves as we go. We can even make up our own questions. These files are available to frontline cops on the street.

The Protestor Target Profile

This sheet includes the usual name, address, etc with a box for AFFILIATION Group- Individuals-. The box may be small but rest assured, there will be attached sheets as needed. It’s only common sense that an effective activist has associates, family, friends and even a support group. Everyone and anyone of those people will be on the RCMP list in the target person’s file. Some of these people will have their own files depending on their activity and perceived importance.

“Personalities and Tactics of Individual Protestors”.

This sheet provides the summarized analysis of each subject. Presuming you have accepted the label of “protestor”, rate your COMMITMENT LEVEL. Each line has 3 columns to the right. The titles of these columns have all been redacted.

Soft Commitment (P)

Very Committed (D)

Anarchist Oriented (V)

There seems to be a huge leap between the very committed and the anarchist orientation. If you are zealously committed then you must be an anarchist. The word “anarchist” itself has various meanings. To the RCMP it would be a derogatory term to describe lawless behaviour. To a self proclaimed Anarchist, it means you’re not a sheeple and don’t obey just for the sake of obeying.

(Rick, are you reading this??)

It follows by their logic, that you would be rated for your LAWFULNESS. You may be law abiding (P), Law Resisting (D) or Violence Prone (V). If you want to see an antiquated or unfair law changed, does that make you a law resister? What about all the corporate law resisters?? And then the big leap again to violence prone. What these guys really mean is that you should passively obey the laws they enforce with quite a bit of “violence proneness”.

State Agents worry a lot about the Internet. Created by the US military, cyberspace is a battleground where we are engaged in severe psychological warfare. Therefore, controlling the battlefield implies controlling the outcome. Creative people, both Activists and Imposters everywhere use the World Wide Web to get out their messages.

The RCMP are right on it, “One of the identified tactics utilized by volatile protestors is to provide misinformation and wild accusations, particularly against police to provoke a crowd response. Volatile protestors rely heavily on the internet to spread their messaging, be vocal of peaceful protestors and incite violence. Disruptive protestors are also known to rely heavily on the internet to spread their messages and link to common fears. Several subjects are known to maintain a heavy online presence through the use of blogs to achieve this messaging.”

The NatIntel crew looked at NETWORKS, SOCIAL MEDIA and LANGUAGE/RHETORIC. For this category, they provide 4 choices. At one end, “emotional language” (P). Wow, now that is in the eye of the beholder!. On the other end is “Inflammatory Language” (V). Would that be as in “Fuck the Police”? Or are they just “Dramatic words/Symbols (D). And the other category is “NonViolent Disruptions” (D).

They just don’t know how to classify this most troubling aspect of Protests, for example, when people lie down in the road or kneel in prayer and allow themselves to be arrested. Things like what were going on at Standing Rock for several months. The State Agents are puzzled, even intimidated but that doesn’t stop them from using all their most militarized tactics in defence of their corporate bosses. They are well paid.

OTHER PROTEST TACTICS include “provokes police reaction” (V), ‘Outrageous demands” and “Wild accusations”. These vague categories require a judgment call on the part of police.

Group Dynamics and Organizations

During any given Indigenous event involving law enforcement, there are many players involved, each with his/her own agenda, expectations and preconceived ideas. It’s a crazy mix for anyone trying to “control” the situation.

Sopow the systemologist advises the RCMP, “…the longer a protest continues, the stronger and larger the web of interconnectivity grows and the more difficult it will be to disentangle.” (Think Standing Rock!)

The RCMP uses Sopow’s “Public Order Profile Scale”

The Report describes and categorizes some organizatons that came up in connection with the subjects. This makes it easy to identify some of the prominent individuals in these groups.

What a hoot! The Council of “Closet Wannabee” Canadians!? Are they supposed to be radical? Puh-lease. This organization is elitist environmentalists, money people. They’ll tell you membership is only $100. For some people, that’s a lot of grocery money. What would Maude Barlow’s file look like. How about Elizabeth May’s?!

Seriously now. Then comes Defenders of the Land, a phoney group if there ever was one. These are the armchair radicals. Robert Lovelace had a lot to do with this group whose current spokesperson is Russell Diabo. Didn’t he get run out of a certain Indigenous community for stealing $millions?? Poor Russ, he’s the only one named in the document. He’ll be thrilled to pieces. We’re told he’s hiding out in the West now.

Ancestral Pride, Secwepemc Women Warriors and Native Youth Movement are on the list along with Rising Tide and Indigenous Environmental Network which is playing a prominent role in the Standing Rock situation. At least two of the Women Warriors involved in these groups are or have been at Standing Rock as well. Their broadcasts and strong language will certainly have them under scrutiny now. The RCMP will have most certainly shared their files with the FBI and the Morton County Sheriff.

The 3 Media Co-ops are also included. The inclusion of these media is disturbing since they are online news media. One particular intrepid Media Co-op reporter was on the scene during the standoff in 2013, recording very damning evidence against the RCMP. What kind of profiles do the RCMP have on CNN and CBC?

Another two groups included in the Manitoba section are Crazy Indian Brotherhood and Unfuck the World.

CIB is about Indigenous guys trying to get out of gangs, especially in Winnipeg. They are currently doing street patrols to rid their neighbourhood of drug dealers. Of course, the State Agents would scrutiinize these guys with whom they most likely are already acquainted.

The global organization UTW focuses on the plight of homeless people and street outreach type activities. Everybody knows a revolution is built on the “lumpen proletariat”.

Toronto-based OCAP Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is on the list, being described as a rather benign group. Did the RCMP forget about Toronto police attacking and battling with OCAP members during an anti poverty rally at Queens Park in June, 2000?? They threw a lotta tear gas that day, attacking people with truncheons and horses and making many arrests. The ambulances were afraid to go in for hours.


The National Intelligence Coordination Centre NICC and Community and Aboriginal Policing CAP made this report “to help reduce the threat, incidence and prevalence of serious criminality associated to Aborignal public order”. This report concerns a “National Tactical Intelligence Priority NTIP”. The document was “processed by CSIS under Provisions of the Privacy Act and Access to Information Act”.

In the Executive Summary “they” claim, “the RCMP must be able to identify the small minority of individuals who have been known to utilize unlawful tactics at protests that pose a threat to public safety”.

In their conclusion, they write, “…little national cohesion, structure or leadership. The commonality appears to be issue-driven, with a grassroots movement across Canada…the overall nature of the protest culture associated to Aboriginal public order events in Canada is passive, with no intentional criminal nexus.”

They note, “… the majority of the more active individuals within each province have been active within the Aboriginal protest and occupation sphere for more than several years in varying capacities and not always carrying out criminal activities. Criminality is not the driving force…”

No shit, Einstein! The rest of the report deals with RECOMMENDATIONS. Read and analyze.


Since no names are signed to the document, we had to look for them. Starting with National Intelligence Coordination Centre and Community and Aboriginal Policing, we soon learned it wasn’t easy to find out about this bunch of spooks.

The name of “Richard Bernard” of the RCMP doesn’t show up on the RCMP web site search?? There were 2 hits for “Rick Bernard”.

In March 2014, Rick was in New Brunswick [Mikmaq territory] investigating credit card fraud. Then sargeant, Rick Bernard was stationed at the Grand Bay-Westfield Detachment, Southeast District RCMP.

During the violent confrontation near Elsipogtog on Mi’kMaq territory, Rick Bernard was the RCMP Tactical Troop Site Commander. He led the charge on the Mik:maq.

On the scene reporter Miles Howe wrote an article in Halifax Media Co-op, “Serving a Corporate Agenda: Canada’s RCMP Brutalize Indigenous People for Opposing Fracking on Their Land.”

“… with tensions now becoming highly escalated between the encroaching line of police in the field adjacent to the encampment and the Warriors now on a public dirt road, two officers approached Seven Bernard, chief of the Warrior Society. They attempted to serve Bernard with SWN’s contentious injunction. Dozens of guns from all angles were pointed at all of us.

“Seven Bernard began to walk away from the officer attempting to serve him the injunction. If it matters, the officer in question was the same Sergeant Rick Bernard who had earlier in the summer arrested me on charges of threats and obstruction of justice – both of which amounted to nothing and were subsequently dropped.

“Sergeant Bernard threw the injunction at his namesake, saying: “Consider yourself served.”

Sargeant Bernard was then rewarded for his loyalty to the Crown with a promotion. Now he’s a big shot at NICC National Intelligence Coordination Centre in Ottawa. What are the odds HE wrote the Sitka report and got paid very well for it? He probably gained 20 pounds from all the donuts he stuffed in his face while “working” on it. Is this supposed to be his revenge on the Mik:Maq and their Allies??

Always Going Back To The Ipperwash (Linden) Report

The Sitka report uses the Ipperwash report as its launch pad. The RCMP are trying to understand that “the fundamental conflict is land – the (real or perceived) control, use and ownership of land”.

A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Project SITKA was focused on identifying potential threats to public safety at indigenous events and protests.

“This focus was in keeping with recommendations stemming from the 2007 Ipperwash Inquiry report, which highlighted the need to examine aboriginal protests as a separate and distinctive form of protest requiring dedicated and unique police resources, strategies and responses,” said Scott Bardsley.”

That report came out in April/May 2007. In June 2007 we witnessed the startup of a fully police-led phoney protest opposing uranium mining near Sharbot Lake Ontario. It has been the template for protests ever since. One guy always in the background is Jim Potts. Be on the lookout for him and others like him.


The State Agencies want Indigenous people to be kept in their own special category by way of “a holistic Community Analysis methodology” probably modeled on the old Indian Reports. Then they can profile everyone on or with ties to the Rez BEFORE they even think of raising a dissident voice. The RCMP want to work with communities to identify troublemakers. They hate those “external influencers” like non Status Indigenous people who always complicate the picture. They have no problem with sending in their own disrupting provocateurs.

In their words, “this community analysis will not only provide information on where the next potential protest would occur, but follows the basic principles of Community Policing Problem Solving Model (CAPRA). It also enables communities to actively engage, communicate and cooperate with police on topics and issues that have the potential to lead to grievances or miscommuncations…”

The RCMP will share their findings with “RCMP internal/external stakeholders”. Who would that be? The very corporations whose interests the RCMP clearly defend? It’s not you and me.


Everything about this Project Sitka Report is deeply disturbing. It is but a glimpse into the bigger picture of the Surveillance State, its magnitude and the great expense and profits involved. The numbers of people investigated, the files being kept on them and their networks is growing. That most of these people have never been charged with any crimes is certainly an indicator of police statism which seeks such a degree of control in people’s lives. And for what purpose??

For the list of 89, in the final analysis, the threat was considered actually low. Yet the files will be maintained. More individuals can be surveilled and files compiled BASED ON THE PERSONALITY TRAITS ALONE.

It’s the same ole, same ole, Indigenous people are being used as the test group for this latest phase of social engineering in a police state. We see a lot of problems with this framework and these control freaks in our lives. Problems are made to be solved.

Share widely!!!


Project Sitka Report


It appears that NICC was formerly CI Criminal Intelligence and/or Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) see their file…




National Intelligence Coordination Centre

73 Leikin Drive, Ottawa, Ontario


Eli Sopow


Elders will get a good laugh out of Egghead Eli’s Applying Complexity Science for Organization Development

Check out Eli’s “shadow systems”. This man is no dummy and now he works for the RCMP. Will they use their newfound insights to fight us or to understand us?


Dr. Eli Sopow, “Anticipating and managing civil disobedience through use of the Public Order profile scale,” Presented to: National Session Critical Infrastructure Program Royal Canadian Mounted Police (29 March 2012).

Dr. Sopow has been directly involved with observing, studying, analyzing and intervening in public protests for over 40 years. He has advised the Government of British Columbia, many resource corporations, financial institutions and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He currently works for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and provides training and advice on public order events.”

Richard Bernard




Sitka (derived from Sheet’ká, a contraction of the Tlingit Shee At’iká)[4] means “People on the Outside of Baranof Island”, whose Tlingit name is Sheet’-ká X’áat’l (here contracted to Shee).

The Ipperwash Inquiry

Sidney B. Linden, Commissioner



The RCMP Used Police Databases and Social Media to Track Aboriginal Protestors

Written by

Jordan Pearson

Staff Writer (Canada)

Special thanks to Carleton University professor Jeffrey Monaghan and researcher Andy Crosby for exposing Project Sitka.

Jeff is at both Carleton and Queens U.


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