A Very Special War Room for Canada-US Relations

A Very Special War Room for Canada-US Relations

June 13, 2017

The Players: PMO Prime Minister’s Office, Chrystia Freeland, Brian Clow, Simon Beauchemin, Diamond Isinger, Andrew Leslie, Jeremy Broadhurst, Katie Telford, Gerald Butts, PMO director of policy Michael McNair, Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone Group, Brian Mulroney,his former chief of staff Derek Burney, and others.

There is no difference between the Conservatives and the Liberals. They are 2 teams on the same league, the Money League.

In January 2017, the PMO Prime Minister’s Office set up a very special war room for Canada-US Relations, apparently to deal with Donald Trump the “monkey with a machine gun” who wants to renegotiate NAFTA among other things.

This war room is not the same group as the Canada-US Relations CABINET Committee chaired by Marc “Space Cadet” Garneau, Minister of Transport. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia “Yappy Little Female Dog” Freeland is on the Cabinet committee.

This “special war room” group is led by Freeland’s former chief of staff, Brian Clow when they were at International Trade. They’ve been buddies for a long time and he has her ear and at least one other part.

Why all the Freeland punks in the war room together???

Brian Clow is one of at least 3 members in the little gang, who are moved over from Freeland’s office at International Trade. Two others are Simon Beauchemin, now Clow’s special adviser and Diamond Isinger, their special assistant.

Clow’s official position is Director – Canada US Relations for Prime Minister’s Office PMO.

Also playing a prominent role is Andrew “Psychological Warrior Uno” Leslie, retired Canadian Forces Lieutenant-General and Freeland’s Parliamentary Secretary for Canada US Relations. The connections to power are intricate and convoluted here.

On January 10, Chrystia Freeland was moved over to Foreign Affairs. Her mandate is “to restore constructive Canadian leadership in the world and to promote Canada’s interests and values…Maintain constructive relations with the United States, Canada’s closest ally and most important economic and security partner, and lead efforts to deepen trade and commerce between our two countries…Strengthen trilateral North American cooperation with the United States and Mexico. This will involve working with the relevant Ministers to enhance North America’s global competitiveness and facilitate trade and commerce within the continent, including with respect to the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

Brian “Born with a Gold Tooth” Clow

Brian Clow has already made quite a name for himself but we didn’t know about him. Did you?

This guy is touched by gold. He’s special like a rising star from Ignatieff to drag queens to Canada’s top war room re Canada US relations. Brian was a big campaign organizer for Kathleen Wynne as well as her advisor. Then he and a bunch of his cronies in T.O., moved over to Trudeau’s team where he has been doing a lot of organizing and advising.

Brian’s dad, Graham Clow sits on the board of directors of Barrick!! Gold that is. Gold all over the World!!! A Queens University grad, Goldie Graham has been hard at the mining industry all his life. He is Chairman, Principal and Principal Mining Engineer of Scott Wilson Roscoe Postle Associates where he is “responsible for all aspects of worldwide mining consulting practice from offices in Canada”. Among other things, he is Chairman of the Metal Mining Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. He sits on many boards including Dominion Diamond Corporation and Baffinland Iron Mines Corp.

It was an obvious conflict of interest for Brian so he was quietly moved to this new position at the PMO which is more powerful anyhow. It was quite a juggling act all the way round.

“At the same time as Clow was moved into the PMO, former PMO deputy chief of staff and deputy principal secretary Jeremy Broadhurst—who ran the 2015 Liberal campaign and was the highest ranking political aide in the PMO after chief of staff Katie Telford and principal secretary Gerald Butts—was named chief of staff to Ms. Freeland at Foreign Affairs.”

This is the pipeline of communications to Freeland. Clow and Broadhurst
“are expected to work closely in their new roles to ensure tight coordination between political staff in the PMO and Global Affairs Canada (which includes both Foreign Affairs and International Trade), reaching out to the rest of cabinet, the public service, other levels of government, and relevant groups as the need arises.”

“Relevant groups” refers to corporations, not you and me.

Simon “Hiding behind the Beauchemins” Beauchemin and special assistant Diamond “Miss Social Media” Isinger

Although not widely known, these two eager youngsters are very active in their support work for Liberal politicians in the New Global Order.

Diamond Isinger was previously involved in B.C. Liberal politics where she campaigned to get the Youth vote out for Cristy Clark. Diamond may be the “coffee and donuts” gal for the team.

Search results for Simon Beauchemin lead mostly to the Canadian Government. He’s not a mouth piece. He’s one of many Beauchemins working for the Canadian gov. How he came into the picture remains to be seen.

The most interesting info on Simon involves meetings with numerous corporate heads like Alex Mestres of IPEX Group of Companies which makes pipes. They are discussing rules and regulations and how to smooth the way for their money making.

Describing themselves as a “Leading manufacturer of thermoplastic piping systems”, this Oakville, Ontario based company employing thousands explains, “IPEX designs and manufactures one of the world’s most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems—pipe, valves, fittings, auxiliary components and tools—all engineered from the ground up to handle the full range of today’s municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications.”

The short version is they are a North American cartel in the piping business, whether water, oil or other. IPEX is privately held and they are hiring. They are also very busy lobbying the Canadian gov. Simon is the Gov Special Agent who meets with Al Mestres.

Being Vice President of Corporate Planning at IPEX Inc. is just one of Al Mestres’ 3 main jobs, all in piping of course. A Belgian national, Alex “Poirot” Mestres is Divisional Chief Executive Officer of Americas at Aliaxis S.A./N.V., a huge Belgian company based in Brussels right near NATO HQ.

The folks at IPEX could not have said it more clearly than Aliaxis, “We provide people around the world with sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy, leading the industry in a way that anticipates the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.”

What they are really saying is, oil or water, doesn’t matter to them, they’ve got the piping to do the job and they are even willing to run the whole show for you. They know there’s big business in water.

IPEX’ Al Mestris has been involved in at least 80 meetings with Canadian Gov officials including Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board and Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. Clow’s entire team has also met with Al. What’s so special about them or him??

If you search “water markets” you will find a raft of material, quite alarming if you object to the commodification of water. In many cities around the world, the cost of water is already very high, contributing greatly to grim poverty, disease and death.

Indigenous communities are targeted for all kinds of feting, manipulating and confounding while greedy people view Turtle Island’s water with only $$$signs in their eyes. They figure there’s too much water in the north and not enough in the south so they are going to redistribute it whether you like it or not. This scheme has been in the works for some time.

Andy “Born with a Gun in his Hand” Leslie

Retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie is now focused on Canada-U.S. relations too. As Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada-U.S. Relations), he is the point man for this operation, ie getting along with Trump. Andy attended Trump’s inauguration acting as Prime Minister Justinian Jagger Trudeau’s rep. which he does in various settings, especially where his military expertise comes into play.

Leslie has many contacts among senior U.S. generals from his military days, including in Afghanistan. According to the pundits, “Leslie is expected to help forge relationships with the new administration in Washington.” He will be most helpful with spending Canada’s new warmaking monies.

Andy is a member of the Privy Council as are Trudeau’s cabinet including Harjit, Chrystia and Jody. Andy pretends to be humble but is very arrogant and smug. He’s on the road a lot and is a strong supporter of NAFTA.

The military planners will be on hand especially when the water starts to move in the pipelines. And for all the other deepening crises of the domestic nature.

And here the web of deceit becomes more tangled. Don’t get the Brians mixed up.

The Commodification of Water and Impending Major Water Diversions in Turtle Island

Also at Barrick Gold with Graham Clow, (former Canadian Prime Minister) Brian Mulroney is senior advisor which he has been since he himself left the PMO with a trail of scandal behind him.

Everybody knows about Barrick digging up gold all over the world no matter what the locals say. Where there’s gold, there’s usually blood. Ditto diamonds which Graham is also into.

Brian Mulroney, despised though he may be among Indigenous people north of the Invisible Line, is a well respected oligarch all around the world. Besides being Chairman of Barrick’s International Advisory Board, Lyin’ Brian is on many boards including Chairman of the board of directors of Quebecor Inc. and Quebecor Media Inc., member of the board of directors of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation and Avis Budget Group Inc.

We saved Brian’s best for last. Lyin Brian Mulroney is on the board at Blackstone Group where he has close ties to top dog Stephen Schwarzman, one of Trump’s main economic and policy advisors and in our view, his hands on handler. Stevie and Don Don are both New Yorkers. Apparently, Don Don owes Blackstone big $$$. Blackstone is about making money out of thin air.

Mulroney brought in NAFTA with a lot of help from guys like Kevin Lynch who now heads BMO. Brian Mulroney has no problem with big water diversions. Neither does Don Don!

According to author, Joyce Nelson,

“While campaigning in California last May, Donald Trump told the crowd of cheering supporters, “There is no drought” – a stunning claim that invited his listeners to deny their own lived experience. Since 2011, drought in California, Texas, and much of the southwest have led to draconian crackdowns on everything from lawn-watering to car-washing to water-hoarding.

“You have a water problem that is so insane,” Trump said. “It is so ridiculous where they are taking the water and shoving it out to sea … If I win, believe me, we’re going to start opening up the water.”

Mulroney and his buddy Steve Schwarzman have huge investments in water enterprises thru Blackstone’s special group, Global Water Development Partners, started by Blackstone in 2014 “as the first formal attempt by a mainstream private equity player to support companies with critically needed capital to create long-term and sustainable water facilities, develop desalination facilities and large-scale wastewater treatment for industrial customers, and identify, develop, finance, construct and operate large-scale independent water development projects.”

In other words, Blackstone is intimately involved in the commodification of water by developing cartels in the rapidly growing water industry. Steve and Brian will soon own your toilet too.

$$$teve met with the entire Trudeau Cabinet in Calgary back in February.

If you ever wonder why Freeland became Minister of Foreign Affairs, there may be at least part of the answer in this arena. Former Minister Stephan Dion, a relatively congenial man, was replaced by a belligerent woman who is banned from one of the largest nations on Earth, Russia. Freeland who has well known Ukrainian ties, is an outspoken supporter of Ukrainian nationalism and the false narrative against Russia. What may be equally important here is that Dion was adamantly opposed to bulk water exports. He’s just too old fashioned for these folks thinking.

Here’s another bit from Nelson, “Site C may provide energy and water for fracking and tar sands mining in the medium term, but in the long term Holm says that “the end game” of Site C is bulk water export because that water “will have a far higher value” than oil and gas.”

It sure looks to us like water is a major theme for this very special war room at the PMO. The profiteers on Parliament Hill are getting ready to cash in. They are very clever but may be entirely heartless. They need to stop the pillage and plunder.


The members of the Canada-United States Relations Cabinet Committee include: Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale (Regina-Wascana, Sask.), Government House Leader Bardish Chagger (Waterloo, Ont.), International Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne (St-Maurice-Champlain, Que.), Science Minister Kirsty Duncan (Etobicoke North, Ont.), Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland (University Rosedale, Ont.), Democratic Reform Minister Karina Gould (Burlington, Ont.), Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen (York South-Weston, Ont.), Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay (Cardigan, P.E. I.), Environment Minister Catherine McKenna (Ottawa Centre, Ont.) and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan (Vancouver South, B.C.).

This is the Hill Times article in full:


PMO’s New Canada-U.S. Relations ‘War Room’ Unit Seen as ‘Smart,’ Considered Unprecedented

February 7, 2017 0


Ministry Mandates

Foreign Affairs


Three Stooges:


Brian Clow


The Canadian trade minister’s chief of staff is the son of a Barrick Gold director.


Brian Clow

Brian Clow works as Director – Canada US Relations for Prime Minister’s Office.

Brian can be reached at 613-992-4211

Simon Beauchemin

Simon Beauchemin works as Advisor, Canada-US Relations for Prime Minister’s Office.

Simon can be reached at 613-992-4211

Diamond Isinger

Diamond Isinger works as Special Assistant, Canada-US Relations for Prime Minister’s Office.

Diamond can be reached at 613-992-4211



Former Freeland chief of staff to lead Canada-US relations at PMO

Brian Clow played central role in leadership campaign of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Amanda Connolly

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Andrew Leslie


See p. 22 at this link:



Former general’s daughter ‘did not benefit’ from controversial house sale

Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen

More from Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen

Published on: February 19, 2014 | Last Updated: May 20, 2014 5:17 AM EDT

Fore! In The Court

Leslie’s maternal grandfather, Brooke Claxton, was a decorated First World War artillery officer and Canada’s longest serving defence minister – he was in the post from 1946 to 1954.

Leslie’s father, Col. Edward (Teddy) McNaughton, commanded the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Korea. His regimental biography says he legally changed his surname to Leslie to comply with the terms of an inheritance.


 News Release / April 30, 2010 / Project number: NR-10.033

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, is pleased to announce the selection of Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie to the new role of Chief of Transformation. Lt.-Gen. Leslie will assume the position as of June 22, 2010.

“The development of a Chief of Transformation position builds on the Government’s commitment to modernize the Canadian Forces, as laid out in the Canada First Defence Strategy,” said Minister MacKay.

Katie Telford


Katie Telford PMO

11 If Gerald Butts was Trudeau’s big-picture guy, Telford led the ground campaign, putting lofty ideas into action. She marshalled thousands of volunteers and candidates, and implemented a focus on data—collecting and analyzing copious statistics on doors knocked, supporters identified, signs ordered, calls placed, volunteers gained, and more—to gauge success and identify weaknesses. In the campaign’s final stretch, it was Telford who pushed to send Trudeau into long-shot ­ridings—like Parkdale-High Park and Beaches-East York, among others—that turned red. In Trudeau’s prime time victory speech, he thanked her by name, establishing her as one of the faces of the new Liberal regime.

Family Business:

Politics runs in the family. She’s the daughter of civil servants and got her first job as a page at Queen’s Park at age 12.

Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney is on the board of directors of Blackstone Group

Blackstone Group buys water:


Familiar mega-banks and investing powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Macquarie Bank, Barclays Bank, the Blackstone Group, Allianz, and HSBC Bank, among others, are consolidating their control over water…Previously, in September 2003, Goldman Sachs partnered with one of the world’s largest private-equity firm Blackstone Group and Apollo Management to acquire Ondeo Nalco (a leading company in providing water-treatment and process chemicals and services, with more than 10,000 employees and operations in 130 countries) from French water corporation Suez S.A. for U.S.$4.2 billion….The Citigroup is now entering India’s massive infrastructure market by partnering the Blackstone Group and two Indian private finance companies; they have launched a U.S.$5 billion fund in February 2007, with three entities (Citi, Blackstone, and IDFC) jointly investing U.S.$250 million. India requires about U.S.$320 billion in infrastructure investments in the next five years (The Financial Express, February 16, 2007)….JPMorgan is joined by Citigroup, the Blackstone Group, 3i Group (Europe’s second-largest private-equity firm), and ICICI Bank (India’s second-largest bank) (International Herald Tribune, October 31, 2007)….

Warren Buffet Buys Nalco, a Chemical Maker and Water Process Technology Company

Through his Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet is the largest institutional investor of Nalco Holding Co. (NLC), a subsidiary of Ecolab, with 9 million shares. Nalco was named 2012 Water Technology Company of the Year. Nalco manufactures treatment chemicals and water treatment process technologies.

But the company Nalco is not just a membrane manufacturer; it also produced the infamous toxic chemical dispersant Corexit which was used to disperse crude oil in the aftermath of BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Before being sold to Ecolab, Nalco’s parent company was Blackstone…


Site C and NAWAPA

“Exactly the right place” for long-term continental water-sharing plans

Joyce Nelson

March 14, 2017

Photo courtesy of DeSmog Canada

In her book Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism, Joyce Nelson devotes a chapter to the looming issue of bulk water exports. Here she provides an update, given the election of Donald Trump and the possible re-negotiation of NAFTA.



Peter Grauer, chairman of Bloomberg LP, the parent of Bloomberg News, is a non-executive director at Blackstone.

Blackstone hasn’t been particularly active in Canada with only a handful of equity investments and mergers and acquisitions total $1.2-billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Those investments included most recently acquiring a minority stake in Stornoway Diamond Corp. last year for an undisclosed sum.

It has, however, invested alongside Canadian pension funds and money managers elsewhere, including the $5.3-billion purchase of New York City’s Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village with Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc., the real estate arm of Canadian pension fund Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec


View the History Section here: https://kokumblog.wordpress.com/history-whose-story/

History is the News: Washing off the Whitewash
Lash, Piapot, Billy Graham and the Three Stooges

First published February 1, 2016

The working on the research for this article becomes a noteworthy process in itself. The emotional impact is considerable. The magnitude to the picture is mind boggling. We wonder how Canadians will do with this information. The land theft, the residential schools, the genocide and the suffering were and are known and experienced by Indigenous people, often in a world apart. As in apartheid. Do your own homework.

A new edition of Adolph Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf” was released in Germany in January, 2016. Controversial, yes but copies sold out immediately. Some Germans say the book should be studied in schools and taught by professionals to “immunize” children against right wing mentality. That sounds like someone trying to control history.

Let us clarify, in regard to the IR Indian Reports which are full of racist commentary. These must be studied by Canadians, both independently and in school curricula. An ongoing dialogue, conversation among people, is essential. Forget the Government. The Nazis got a lot of their ideas from Canada’s Indian Policy. Never forget that.

While the names, glowing biographies and even photos are available for the 19th century elite colonialists, few names of Indigenous leaders are brought down in the colonial record. Many descendants will know their own family history through ongoing oral histories and documents carefully kept in homes and offices. These game changing historical records have been used in ongoing land claims and are coming out for all to see and discuss today in universities and on the internet.

The Indigenous people who get named in the early IR’s are the ones who own property and are prospering according to colonial standards or they are criminals in the news. We had to dig deeper to find that, yes, there was and always has been a documented Indigenous Resistance to the well documented Fraud being perpetrated by the Crown and its Agents.
J.B. Lash – Front Lines Crown Agent

Jobs at Indian Affairs were normally patronage appointments with prolific nepotistic ties. J. B. Lash was no exception. There were many more like him. Quite often Indian Agents didn’t live as long as their relatives back east. After all, they were on the front lines. In the media of their day, Indian Agents were somewhat celebrity, their visits to towns being reported on.

Inspector Ebenezer McColl describes the duties of the Indian Agent in the 1891 IR:
“…the various duties incumbent upon them [Indian Agents] are annually increasing, such as visiting schools, examining quarterly returns from teachers, dispensing medicines to the sick, issuing rations to the destitute, giving instruction in agriculture, preventing trespasses on fishing and other reserves, making payments of annuities, obtaining statistical information preparing estimates for the next ensuing year, attending to the general correspondence of their respective agencies, etc…I am happy to inform you.. that it is very exceptional now when any irregularity is discovered in all their transactions…”

This is an old dirty trick, the ongoing policy of denial. If you don’t “discover” it, then it isn’t there.

John Bean Lash was Indian Agent at Muscowpetung Agency for 13 years. He wrote 13 Indian Reports, one for each year from 1885 til 1898. As a Crown agent on the front lines, J.B. was in a great position to gather information as well as influence Indigenous people. He knew the lay of the land, critical and strategic information for developers. Though brief, his reports are revealing. J.B. describes the land using map terminology like “meridian”, necessary for land speculators like cousin Zebulon Lash, pouring over maps back east in Toronto. Other agents use the word “meridian” too as if they are real estate agents.

Global recession/depression in 1895 briefly slowed many land speculators’ plans. In 1896, the entire Indian Report, available to a select few, was over 1300 pages. J.B. Lash wrote more too, skimming from topic to topic with no display of emotion,

“PIAPOT’S RESERVE, NO 75. Location and Area. – This reserve comprises township twenty and part of twenty-one, range eighteen, west of the second initial meridian, Qu’Appelle valley, and contains an area of fifty-four square miles… resources are hay and firewood… population: men, forty-eight; women, seventy-four; children, eighty-four; births three; deaths, seventeen – decrease seven. Causes of death: two from old age; four adults from consumption; four children, consumption; seven children from scrofula, consumption and inflammation of the lungs.”

He describes,
“MUSCOWPETUNG’S RESERVE, NO. 80…situated on the right bank of the Qu’Appelle River at its intersection with the western boundary of section eighteen, township twenty-one, range seventeen, west of the second initial meridian.. area of fifty-eight square miles…PASQUAH’S RESERVE… on the right bank of the Qu’Appelle River, about six miles west of Fort Qu’Appelle, area of sixty square miles.”

In the 1897 IR, Lash writes about how the Indigenous people earn a living at the Muscowpetung’s Reserve on the Qu’Appelle River,
“These Indians are engaged in general farming, selling wood and hay, fishing, hunting, freighting, tanning hides, digging senega-root, trading, and working in connection with the Government herd of cattle stationed on this reserve.”

Lash continues in his high handed tone,
“These Indians are not industrious as a rule, and require close attention on the part of the farmer in charge to keep them at work. They have very little ambition…

“When practicable they gave in return for assistance given them, work of various kinds, which was supplied to keep them employed.”

The “assistance” was promised without conditions in the treaties. The Indigenous people are not paid for taking care of the Government cattle. It is slave labour or work for welfare. Is it any wonder they are reluctant to work?!

J.B. described the excellent soil on the reserves in his 1898 IR which was his last report. He noted that most of the people in his Agency were “Pagans” and “law abiding”.

With a big shakeup at Indian Affairs in 1898, agencies were redefined and more agents and clerks hired. Good colonial agent, J.B. was promoted to Secretary to Commissioner David Laird in the new Commissioner’s Office in Winnipeg.
Commish Laird, a supreme elitist, wrote a glowing and totally disingenuous report on the Industrial Schools aka IRS Indian Residential schools in the 1900 IR. The schools were THEN very controversial for a number of reasons.
“…I visited the industrial schools at St. Boniface, Middlechurch, Regina, Calgary, Qu’Appelle and Elkhorn, and was much pleased with what I saw in the provision made for the cleanliness, comfort and training of the pupils. They are all instructed in the elementary branches of an English education; some of the boys are employed at trades, others at farm work and tending stock; the girls are taught cooking, sewing and other duties calculated to make them good housekeepers. Perhaps too little attention is given in some of the schools to agriculture and stock-raising, which in this prairie country, and especially on the Indian reserves, must ever be the leading industry. The moral and religious teaching imparted at these schools is of the highest importance; and though, as with white people, and probably much more so in the Indian’s case, many lapses may occur, yet the good impressions received and habits formed must tend to raise the standard of conduct in the bands to which they belong.”

Among many questions that arise, is, “Why aren’t farming methods being taught? – it’s part of the treaties!” And the question still being asked today, “Why did so many children die in residential school?”

Laird also wrote about colonies for the ex pupils!
“…Supporting schools for our aborigines, however, is a treaty obligation and must be persevered in. But apart from the obligation, there is no other way that they can become truly civilized and cease to be a burden upon the country for much of the ordinary means of support. Not a few of the graduates who have gone out from industrial schools have obtained employment among settlers and villagers and earned moderately good wages; some have married other ex-pupils and settled down on reserves with a fair prospect of making a comfortable living for themselves; while too many are idle and shiftless, and have fallen back into the old habits of their parents and other relatives on the reserves.

“How best to guard the ex-pupils of the schools from lapsing into the barbarous ways of the band to which they belong is one of the problems with which we are confronted. To settle them in colonies apart from the reserves has been suggested; but to this scheme there is the objection that the parents of children now in most cases hostile to sending them to school, would then, with the prospect of never having them back to live with them on the reserve again, most determinedly oppose their going to school at all.

“It appears to me that a compromise of the two methods might be attempted with good results. Most of the reserves are large, and there is ample space on them to settle ex-pupils of the band some distance from the main camps on the reserve, and near the agent’s residence. Something of this kind has been tried at File Hills [by William Morris Graham], with a prospect of moderate success. I shall give this subject full consideration; and if the way seems clear for a general effort, in this direction, I feel assured the department will readily lend a helping hand.”

After the numbered treaties were signed, the “civilizing” of the Indians was not going smoothly. The agents were directed to cut costs which they did, sometimes by failing to provide promised items, sometimes by introducing inferior products such as bad meat and insect riddled flour. Inspectors were sent out to monitor the agents. There were many problems, misunderstandings and breeches of promise. “Headmen” whose names we don’t know and chiefs were regularly objecting to Agents who turned a deaf ear. They sent petitions to Ottawa demanding renegotiation and honouring of the Treaties. The Canadian government would have none of it.

As the economy began to pick up in the 20th century, the land speculators renewed their interest in the plains. Many settlers were looking for better plots of land to till. More and more people were moving in. They demanded that the Indian rez be surrendered. Anywhere that Indigenous people were doing well with farming, the settlers wanted to take over and push the Indigenous to a barren place.

Secretary J.B. Lash, now a familiar face among Indigenous people, was involved in a number of the land surrenders including Ocean Man/Pheasant Rump, Cowessess and Rosseau River.
Payipwat/Piapot Resists

In his younger days, Piapot gained a reputation while chief of the infamous Young Dogs who included some Nakotas/Assiniboians. This band was known for not towing the imperial line. They wanted to move into the Cypress Hills but they were routed in an attack there in 1870, many warriors being killed.

Like Mistahimuskwa and Minahikosis (Little Pine), Piapot wanted the treaties to be renegotiated to include his terms and requirements. He and his followers had not been at the Treaty 4 signing in 1874 which Piapot contended were just preliminary negotiations. He signed in 1875 but his terms were not included at that time. He also became spokesperson and lobbied Ottawa for a unified Indigenous territory.

Payipwat was careful not to resort to violence. He used his mind to strategize and manipulate the colonial system in his struggle for self determination and territorial sovereignty. In 1880, Piapot Payipwat, Cowessess [Kiwisance*], another prominent leader of the southern Cree, Foremost Man [Ne-can-nete*], a Cree chief, and the entire Nakota band requested reserves next to one another in the Cypress Hills.

Indian Commissioner Edgar Dewdney objected vehemently, fearing too much consolidation of Indigenous power. He used his Crown authority to withhold rations and of course to call in the NWMP NorthWest Mounted Police. At first, the Police Commissioner gave the starving Indians food to eat but he was ordered by Ottawa to stop. In 1883 under a police escort, Payipwat agreed to move to Indian Head.

Many of his people died from starvation that winter. In the spring, Piapot declared that he was moving to near Paskwaws reserve and that he planned a Thirst Dance there as well as a general council. With the movement for treaty renegotiation growing, Dewdney freaked and sent the Police to break it up. Troops were soon based right next to Payipwat’s reserve. The next year, the Metis “rebellion” was the excuse needed to crush resistance with force if necessary. Indigenous people were arrested as traitors.

When Piapot and his people finally got a rez to call their own, in what the colonialists called the Muscowpetung Agency, J.B. Lash was their Indian Agent.

Piapot was one of a dwindling number of Cree traditionalists who resisted the “civilizing” assimilation of the British colonialists. He saw what a scam they were running.

Now Superintendent General of Indian Affairs SGIA, Edgar Dewdney wanted to divide up Piapot’s rez into 40-acre “plots”. Piapot refused to allow the survey to go ahead. Super Diplomat Lash does not mention this in his 1889 report when he writes, “The Commissioner was present and fully explained to the Indians the advantage of having their individual farms properly located”.

Piapot continued with his Thirst Dances and Give Away Dances. He was not the only one to speak out against the failure of the Crown to follow through on its treaty promises and its imposition of impossible conditions like the pass system.

Ten years later, the new Indian Agent, John A. Mitchell reports on Piapots’ Reserve. He even provides names of the chiefs and headmen, some of whom get a gold star beside their names for “good behaviour”.

Band No. 75 –
Piapot Treaty Chief … 1875 …[there is no comment for Piapot but in 1899 he gets “good behaviour” from Mitchell]
Rock Chief Headman Appointed by Band. 1883 Good behaviour.
Oo-cha-pas-copey-aces Headman Appointed by Band. 1884 Good Behaviour.
Astum-a-pick-kaapit Headman Appointed by Band. 1885 Good Behaviour.
Musquah. Headman Appointed by Band. 1890 Good Behaviour.”

Hayter Reed, made this extremely ironic and to us, offensive comment in the 1890 IR on the “Sub-division of Reserves”. His treacherous words seethe with that patronizing tone still so prevalent among bureaucrats. More importantly, they reveal his priorities and the methodology of assimilation.

“The improvement made in various ways is very marked where the subdivision of reserves and parcelling out of lots among the individuals of the bands has been accomplished. Great hopes were always entertained as to the effect this measure would have in fostering a spirit of individualism, and they have not been disappointed.

“In the sub-division of reserves great caution had to be exercised to avoid rousing the suspicions of the Indians, who often imagine sinister motives in a manner and to an extent which those unacquainted with them could hardly credit.

“Where the step has been taken, as at some of the reserves in the Muscowpetungs, Crooked Lakes and Moose Mountain Agencies – after more or less pronounced opposition, grounded on the idea that in some way or other it was a preliminary step towards depriving them of their lands – it has been highly appreciated by the more industrious, who now feel some guarantee that their improvements will be vested in themselves and their families.”

By 1900, a new Indian Agent, the aggressive and notorious William Morris Graham was in charge. He demanded that Piapot be deposed as chief on the grounds of incompetence. Laird didn’t go for it but Graham tried again, having Piapot arrested for holding a Thirst Dance. This Ottawa accepted on April 15, 1902. No longer chief, Piapot lived another few years and died at home. He did not live to see the surrender of his reserve in 1907.

William Morris Graham’s style of dealing with the Indigenous people was very different from that of the diplomatic John B. Lash. While Lash was a pragmatist using methods of persuasion over time, Graham was a fanatic who demanded things be done his way and now. He was very unpopular among Anishnaabek. He was vociferous in his suppression of Indigenous culture. Graham especially hated the Sun Dance. He carried a set of barber’s scissors, ready at all times to cut off the locks of any Anishnaabe who would submit to this humiliation. Keep in mind, when children entered the residential schools, a first priority was to cut off their hair.

William Morris Graham was instrumental in land surrenders including Cowessess and Pasqua. He was a key player in the shocking policy of colonies for ex students. He requires more in depth scrutiny in a future article.
Land Surrenders – Who’s the Indian Giver??
After Treaties came Land Surrenders. While surrenders were taking place throughout the historical period, they intensified after the numbered Treaties were imposed on Anishnaabek. As settlers moved in, they always coveted the better land and lobbied strenuously to get it. From the frontier Crown Agents to the Fat Asses sitting in Ottawa, there was a huge number waging psychological warfare against the Indigenous who in all fairness, were not stupid but under constant attack to give up and give in.

In “First Nations Land Surrenders”, Maguire writes:
“When decisions had to be made about the authorization for a surrender, for subdivisions and for sales, the people who routinely reviewed and had access to the files were J.D. McLean, Secretary of the Department, W.A. Orr of the Lands and Timber Branch, and the Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs. On some occasions or issues the decision would be referred to the Minister. The Chief Surveyor and his staff might also be consulted, as might Accountant D.C. Scott on budgetary concerns. These same individuals had access to survey and upset price data, as might the Indian Agent, the Inspector, the auctioneer, and, of course, the field surveyor.

“McLean was in charge of sending information about sales to those making inquiries.

“The Commissioner’s Office might be asked to report on the need for a surrender, on Band response, or on sales possibilities. These reports would sometimes be prepared in conjunction with the Indian Agents and Inspectors, and sometimes by the Commissioner’s Office alone, though the Commissioner’s Office was not always kept informed of what was going on with surrenders…”

Once again, John Bean Lash was in a great position to both influence decisions and gather information for his land speculating relations that included his wife’s family, the Millers and his cousin and lawyer Zebulon Lash and HIS business buddies. As secretary, J.B. got to read everything that passed through the office, both coming and going. He was a mine of information. In 1905, he went back east for a vacation in Muskoka with his cousin, Zebulon. When J.B. died the next year, Laird acted as pall bearer and escorted his remains back east. What a cozy bunch.

In many cases, it was left to the discretion of the particular Indian agent to determine which parcel of land would be surrendered or exchanged for which other parcel of land.

Every trick in the book was being used to cheat the Indigenous people out of their lands and resources. In some communities, the population was decreasing because of starvation, depravation and infectious diseases. The Crown Agents took this as an opportunity, using the Treaties, to suggest the Original People needed less land since there were fewer of them. According to the formula in the treaties, some land could be taken back from them. The Ogimawuk objected loudly but their words fell on deaf ears.

There were dozens of large land “surrenders” often involving entire reserves, in the early twentieth century in Saskatchewan alone. Many of these shady deals led to the modern day land claims which number over 600 today. As secretary to Commissioner Laird, J. B. Lash was involved in at least 3 of them in some capacity: Ocean Man and Pheasant’s Rump aka Moose Mountain, the largest, 1901; Rosseau River, 1903 and Cowessess which was completed in 1907 after Lash died.

We have focussed on one, Ocean Man and Pheasant’s Rump, as an example of a complex and deliberately convoluted process to further defraud the Indigenous people of their lands and resources.
Ocean Man and Pheasant’s Rump aka Moose Mountain 1901 Surrenders

The “Moose Mountain sale” refers to the sale of the Ocean Man and Pheasants Rump reserves in Treaty 4 Saskatchewan.

The feeding frenzy was on. When some American speculators moved quickly to buy land, the local Liberal speculators objected because they too wanted in. The speculators would buy the land from the Crown at about $1/acre and then sell to settlers at $2 – $3/acre. The Indigenous people, Cree, Assiniboine and Saulteaux, who were forced to give up the land via these fraudulent surrenders, would receive “moving expenses”. Indian Affairs officials would receive a fee for making the sale through the Land Management Fund.

The Assiniboine or Nakota and Cree people of Ocean Man and Pheasant Rump had been successfully farming, raising their own cattle and growing their own wheat. They were being sent to “amalgamate” with the White Bear Band who were still primarily hunters.

The Assiniboine and Cree “bands would receive $28 per person … a further amount, averaging $15 per person for everyone in all three bands, was authorized for expenditures in acquiring cattle, implements, lumber, and other articles”.

It was a recipe for disaster.

The deal with the Americans was called off under pressure even though some Nebraska farmers had arrived in 1901 and the Nakota people had moved but did not get paid.

Laird sent J.B. Lash to value the land which was to be sold at an auction. Jugglers in Ottawa, Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs DSGIA James A. Smart; Secretary of Indian Affairs McLean, jumped in, seeking further changes to the program. D.C. Scott threw in his opinions. The auction was delayed again.

Smart directed the sale to go ahead by tender, preferably to one buyer. He was dodging a pack of hungry dogs seeking to cash in on favours from the Gov.

Superintendent General of Indian Affairs SGIA Clifford Sifton had his men on the ground too. Settlers at Souris, J.W. Breakey, realtor and insurance broker, and James Y. Bambridge, hardware merchant, were both Liberals and advisers to the same Clifford “Two Hats” Sifton who is also Minister of Interior. They wanted in on the deal so he intervenes. Very little advertising is done in time so that only “insiders” – like the American speculators, officials in Ottawa and their friends in Toronto – knew about the sale. Most locals lost out because they didn’t know in time. The most successful bids came in the names of 3 lawyers all known to Sifton’s Deputy Frank Pedley [who replaced Smart] and his former law partner back east, Bedford Jones.

It was a bloody scramble that inevitably led to scandal. The newspapers were full of it. Allegations were being made in Parliament and then drowned out in a clamour of indignant voices. There were many references to shady land deals involving schools, railways, timber and new town sites as well as good farmland.
Top Dog Sifton Seeks to Quell Scandal

Then Sifton, true political actor in the Theatre of Parliament, plays his mollifying role,
“…So soon as my attention was called to the fact that there were charges of irregularities in connection with the sale, steps were taken to order an investigation…under Judge Prendergast…as soon as the report is in my hands…i can assure the honourable gentleman [Conservative MP A.A.C. LaRivière] that everything that can be done by the department to protect the interest of bona fide buyers will be done…the first reports regarding the irregularities were very much exaggerated…”

He continues,
“First of all, the Indian lands have to be surrendered to the gov. for the purposes of sale and then the gov disposes of the timber…except in special cases, public tenders are invited…There are very extensive timber lands not disposed of at all – Indian lands – and as to them WE CAN MAKE WHAT CONDITIONS WE PLEASE… ” (Emphasis added)

Sifton also declares in the House of Commons, “…There is timber upon the Moose Mountain timber reserve…not timber fit for building purposes…it is timber which supplies fuel for the population for many miles around…”

Conservative MP A.A.C. LaRivière again raised the question of the removal of the Indians to some more “convenient” and “profitable” place.
The Disappeared Ferguson Report

Royal Commissioner Thomas Roberts Ferguson arrived in Ottawa to begin his royal commission investigation of conflict of interest and fraud amongst top Indian Affairs officials. Borden asked him to investigate the sale, lease, grant, exchange or disposition of Dominion lands, timber, minerals and water since July 1, 1896. His report was completed and discussed in Parliament. However the report and transcripts of interviews soon went missing and have never been found.

However, the matter was well covered in the media at the time. The Ottawa Evening Journal, September 15, 1913 wrote, “The Journal learns from an authoritative source that it [Ferguson’s Report] brings to light evidence of graft in the disposal of valuable lands and resources which directly implicates several well known government officials who are in the Interior Department.”

According to FSIN Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, the parliamentary debate [April 1915] and the newspaper articles made it clear that Ferguson had found that Smart and the two former deputy ministers of Indian Affairs had obtained most of the land in the Pheasant’s Rump and Ocean Man Reserves by manipulating the sale of the lands through the public tender system, and had had tenders submitted in the names of others so that they would not be connected with the matter.”

When the parliament buildings were destroyed by fire in February, 1916, most of the reports, documents, and papers which had been laid before parliament up to that date went up in flames.
Indigenous People Never Give Up.

In 1979, FSIN announced the results of their own investigation. They found evidence that Indian Affairs officials had collaborated to defraud the OM and PR people. They called in an RCMP forensics specialist, Roy A Huher, retired Director of the Laboratories and Identification Services Branch, to examine some documents.

“He found that the tenders were prepared on four typewriters normally employed by Frank Pedley and James A. Smart, and that Bedford-Jones had forged the signatures on those submitted for the Pheasant’s Rump and Ocean Man lands.”

In their scathing 1986 report,
“By the time Clifford Sifton left in February, 1905…Thousands of acres of land had been alienated and thrown open for settlement.

“Sifton’s [successor] Frank Oliver of Edmonton, was a man whose views were far more radical than those of his predecessor. Oliver saw little or no role for the Indian population in the development of western Canada. He believed that Indian Reserve lands “were needed by better men”.. Such surrenders were in the Indians’ “best interests… some bands could then move to “more congenial surroundings”, far removed from settlement, where their avocations of hunting and fishing could be pursued, undisturbed by white men. Their lands, which for the most part were undeveloped, could then be turned from “tax-eating to tax-paying propositions”.

“… By 1911, over 600,000 acres of Indian Reserve land in the prairie provinces had been alienated, including more than 300,000 acres in Saskatchewan alone… there would be another “surrender period” following World War I… The Canadian Government, which had often piously proclaimed the justice and enlightened nature of its Indian policy, had managed to alienate almost a third of the land set aside under treaties signed less than half a century earlier. Many bands would never recover from the economic body blow delivered by this loss of much of their prime agricultural land.”

If history lessons are important in shaping identity, nationalism and patriotism, then dismantling false history must inevitably change loyalties and perceptions.

Indian Reports dating from 1864 to 1990 are available at this link in fully searchable pdf format.

Treaty #4, 1874 Signatories: Alexander Morris, Lt Gov NWT; David Laird, Commissioner and William J. Christie. 13 chiefs & headmen put their “X” and the treaty was interpreted to them since they neither spoke nor read the English language. A week later, 3 more chiefs put their “x”. In 1875, 6 more Chiefs including Payepot and Le Croup de Pheasant put their “X” while W.J. christie, M.G. Dickieson, Commissioner and W.F. Wright signed for the Crown.

Treaty #6, 1876 Signatories: Alexander Morris, James McKay & W.J. Christie, Indian commissioners. Dozens of chiefs & headmen put their “X” to the paper. A number of adhesions followed, some signed by Laird or by Dewdney.

Many ICC Indian Claims Commission documents are available online in pdf format.
First Nation Land Surrenders on the Prairies 1896-1911, Peggy Martin-McGuire

ICCP #20 is a whopper with ref to BedfordJones and other crooks.

Cowessess First Nation 1907 Surrender Inquiry

F.S.I.N.’s Bellegarde and Sanderson Expose Fraud And Corruption In Turn Of The Century Land Surrenders

Canada, House of Commons, Debates
Be advised! Some of the transcripts are revised and edited!!
(Note # Canada, House of Commons, Debates, February 21, 1901, 82-83). A very interesting thing about this excerpt quoted in Wright & Tyler, is that when you go to the online version of the Hansard, this page has been edited and LaRiviere’s comment does not appear.
(April 14, 1915)

Major Surrenders For Sale In Saskatchewan (to 1928)
Band # Name of Band Year Approx. Acreage
118A Big River 1919 980
76 Carry The Kettle 1905 5,760
98 Chekastapasin 1897 15,360
64 Cote 1907 10,740
64 Cote 1913 10,422
64 Cote 1914 164
64 Cote (Kamsack Townsite) 1904 242
73 Cowesses 1907 20,704
73 Cowesses 1908 350
100A Cumberland 1902 22,080
20 Cumberland House 1893 640
89 Fishing Lake 1907 13,025
Grizzly Bear’s Head/Lean Man 1905 14,400
72 Kahkewistahaw 1907 33,281
66 Keeseekoose 1909 7,600
65 Key 1909 11,775
80A Last Mn Lake(Fishing Lake) 1918 1,408
84 Little Black Bear 1928 12,408
161 Ministikwan 1916 10,279
103 Mistiwasis 1911 1,666
103 Mistawasis 1919 15,900
112 Moosomin 1909 14,729
112A Moosomin 1909 640
80 Muscowpetung 1909 17,600
102 Muskeg Lake 1919 8,960
85 Muskowequan 1920 7,485
85 Muskowequan (Lestock Townsite) 1910 160
69 Ocean Man 1901 23,680
71 Ochapowace 1919 18,333
79 Pasqua 1906 16,077
68 Pheasant’s Rump 1901 23,424
75 Piapot 1918 2,180
75 Piapot 1919 15,360
88 Poorman 1918 8,080
73A Sakimay (Little Bond/Leech Lake) 1907 6,976
101 Sturgeon Lake (exchanged) 1913 2,145
115 Thunderchild 1908 15,360
115A Thunderchild 1908 5,538
160 Wood Mountain 1919 4,960
107 Young Chipwayan (Stony Knoll) 1897 19,200

Needless to say, Laird and Lash appear in the TRC Report History pt1
ISBN 978-0-7735-4650-9 The History, Part 1 Origins to 1939 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Canada’s Residential Schools: The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Volume 1
p.257 J. B. Lash report
p.258 James Smart prefers day schools because they are cheaper to run
p.733 Piapot vs Principal Joseph Hugonnard, Qu’Appelle school, who insists on COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE

Special Supplement On The White Bear Land Claim Settlement
Submitted by Indian Rights and Treaties Research Program Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations March, 1986

Excerpts from the Top Dogs’ records at Indian Affairs often reveal their perceptions and methodologies of assimilation. Their biographies are available at http://biographi.ca/en/index.php

Canada, House of Commons, Debates, February 21, 1901, 82-83
Brace Yourself for Pompous Words from the Elitist Land Grabbers

Ed Dewdney SGIA, in 1890IR:
“A further proof of the advance of these Indians in the march of civilization is the adoption by so many of them of the whiteman’s dress. The Indian Commissioner in him Report states that: “Every year sees the blanket more generally discarded in favour of the settler’s garb, and more attention given to personal cleanliness.” The introduction into their homes of such employments for their wives and daughters as white women of the working class ordinarily engage in; the requirement, which in very many cases is complied with, that their houses and outside premises shall be kept in a cleanly condition, and the influence brought to bear on them to induce them to construct their houses after a modern design, which many of them now do, all contribute towards the grand end in view. The educational influences which are being brought to bear upon the young, through the medium of industrial training schools, are preparing them to become useful members of society and the founders of happy homes; and the substitution of boarding schools for day schools on reserves, where it is found feasible to make the change, will doubtless be attended with similar satisfactory results, though not in so marked a degree.”

Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs in 1907 IR
“The Indians having surrendered a portion of their reserve known as Pasqua reserve, in township 20, ranges 14, 15 and 16, W. 2nd M., to be disposed of in their interests, the same was offered for sale by public auction in quarter-sections, at Regina, on October 17, 1906. The total quantity offered for sale, amounting to 16,007.68 acres, was disposed of, and realized the sum of $214,671.47.

“The Indians of the Alexander reserve, in townships 65 and 56, R. 27, W. 4th M., having surrendered a portion thereof for disposal on their behalf, the same was subdivided into quarter-sections, and offered for sale by public auction, at Edmonton, on October 3, 1906. The total quantity offered for sale, namely, 8,549 acres, was disposed of, realizing the sum of $57,858.

In January last the Indians of Cowessess and Kakewistahaw bands, residing on reserves 73 and 72, in Crooked Lake agency, in the province of Saskatchewan, surrendered 20,704 acres of the former reserve and 33,281 acres of the latter to the Crown to be disposed of for their benefit, and a subdivision survey is now being made of the land, with a view to carrying out their wishes.

[They were actually brow beaten into signing some fraudulent documents.]

“On January 24, 1907 the Indians of the Nipissing band, living on their reserve on Lake Nipissing, surrendered to the Crown to be disposed of for their benefit, 67,651 acres of their reserve, being the portion therefore lying north of the Canadian Pacific Railway right of way. This land is now being subdivided with a view to the furtherance of the desire of the Indians.”

William Morris Graham Inspector of Indian Agencies
“The trouble in the past has been due to the fact that too many people have been dabbling in the matter. The people in the adjacent towns are keen for the surrender, and as a result, the Town Council, the Board of Trade and Individuals have been talking to the leading Indians, and they now have all kinds of ideas of [sic] their heads. In my opinion, the matter should be handled by our own people, without the knowledge of the outside public…”

p.13.list of key players
McLean, J.D., Secretary for the Dept. of Indian Affairs
Smart, James A., Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs DSGIA, July 1897 – NOvember 1902
Smith, J.W., purchased a majority of the lands in the Chakastaypasin ir 98 sale in 1901. It was later discovered by the Ferguson Commission that these tenders were submitted on behalf of DSGIA James A. smart, Supt of Immigration (and Later SGIA) Frank Pedley and Immigration Inspector Wm J. White, as represented by Toronto lawyer A.C. Bedford-Jones.


The Engineering of Elections $$$

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune
The Engineering of Elections $$$

Elections have always been orchestrated, engineered and intended as a front to pacify the masses while the opportunistic elitists continue their plunder legally.

This is more true today than ever because of media and telecommunications. You think you are a free thinker making your own decisions but nothing could be further from the truth. Even when we are extremely vigilant intellectually, there is always some emotional trap to fall into in some spectacle of life. We expect it with advertising to sell products but it gets much more sneaky as our political views are shaped and directed. People who fall for all the divisive reformist policies are an obstacle to true change and delight the oligarchs to no end.

Here are some examples of how both the Canadian and US elections are completely engineered and sponsored by billionaires who have no allegiance to any nation. Only to their own accumulation of wealth and power.

In Canada, the Calgary Herald published an article. They make it seem so shocking yet it is just an exmple of business as usual. It’s an oligarchy!! And it pays to have everyone side tracked into tangential debates that lead nowhere.

The Herald write:

“Canadians can only donate $1,550 to political parties and candidates. Union and corporate donations have been banned completely, and yet in the Senate hearing, Commissioner Cote said that as long as foreign money is donated to a third party six months prior to the election writ being dropped, the amount that can be donated is endless.

“Frum made the following observation during the April 13 senate hearing: “I could take a cheque for $10 million from Saudi Arabia, from Iran, from China — I could take any amount of money from a foreign contributor so long as I, a Canadian citizen, am receiving it?”

What they don’t mention is that most of the $manipulating money$ comes from the US.

Speaking of the US, their homegrown billionaires finance the whole show. Looks like this Bob Mercer is a major backer of Trump who really is playing his part quite well. He gives the appearance of being a rebel. He’s a puppet on a string.

See more in the notes below.


New report alleges outside influence in Canada's 2015 federal election

New report alleges outside influence in Canada’s 2015 federal election
Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald
More from Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald
Published on: May 23, 2017 | Last Updated: May 23, 2017 10:08 AM MDT

This is rather long:
A Reporter at Large
March 27, 2017 Issue
The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency
How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency.
By Jane Mayer

Check out this piece by James Corbett which shows how Big Data is running your life! There’s a wee video with Satya Nadella, Happiest Indian in the World and Microsoft’s 3rd chief Wizard.


Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft
Their Mission statement:
Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
[In other words, they want everyone to be connected and under control. Mobile first and cloud first means every thing you do is surveilled and recorded. Big Data has a big appetite.]

Microsoft’s vision
Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.”

Let’s look at Nadella’s compensation package.

To start, Nadella will receive $1.2 million in annual salary. In addition, he will be eligible for a cash bonus of up to $3.6 million every year.

Nadella will receive an EIP (Executive Incentive Program) bonus for the 2015 fiscal year. The amount of this stock award will be $13,200,000.

Nadella will also receive additional stock awards if shares of Microsoft do well relative to the S&P 500 between now and 2021.

Cambridge Analytica

Mission Statement
To deliver Data-Driven Behavioral Change by understanding what motivates the individual and engaging with target audiences in ways that move them to action.

Cambridge Analytica is committed to being an equal opportunity employer: our employees, consultants and job applicants receive fair treatment and are never singled out based on their gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, race, or any other similar grounds.

We are a non-partisan organization. Our client network includes governments and NGOs, commercial entities big and small, and political clients across the ideological spectrum.

Data-driven campaigns
We find your voters and move them to action.

CA Political has redefined the relationship between data and campaigns. By knowing your electorate better, you can achieve greater influence while lowering overall costs.

“There are no longer any experts except Cambridge Analytica.”

– Frank Luntz, Political Pollster

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Published November 19, 2016
Revised April 9, 2017

You will hear law enforcement from coast to coast using rhetoric like “ensuring public safety”. As a typical example of double speak, they are actually defending private property.

You are not allowed to use the Project Sitka report in any court case. None of the authors are named in the document but it is property of guess who??? Queen Lizzie “IN RIGHT OF CANADA as represented by the RCMP”. Names of the subjects have been redacted by CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

We always persevere. We never stop wanting to figure out people, especially those who hold unwarranted power in our lives. We have this crazy notion that people could actually get along and live peacefully.

It looks like these Crown Agents spent a lot of time sitting on their asses in front of computers studying web sites and Facebook pages to try to understand people they don’t know at all. They also used all their buddies’ police forces’ (OPP, SQ, City of…) files to identify subjects. These voyeur freaks like to do things remotely. They are completely out of line and show no signs of stopping their relentless attacks on Indigenous people and their Allies.

The anonymous authors of the Sitka report write, “…313 individuals were identified and reviewed within the scope of the project; of these, 89 were found to meet the criteria for criminality associated to public order events as defined within the methodology.”

This means they have files on how many people??? Likely tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, out of which they selected the 313 to review??? They eliminated 227 as “passive protestors” which leaves 86 if you do the math. How they end up with 89 is a mathematicians’s question? The information is shared with other law enforcement agencies including the FBI.

The focus of Project Sitka is Indigenous protests during a specified one year time frame. The standoff near Elsipogtog in Mi’kMaq territory involving extreme violence by the RCMP themselves explains the high number of subjects in New Brunswick. Other protests like anti police brutality, anti war, etc. would not be included. The g8 and g20 events described as “anti capitalist” are included. The OPP cover Aboriginal protests in Ontario including issues such as housing development in Ottawa and Six Nations. Similarly, the SQ have jurisdiction in Quebec so that the RCMP claim to have limited info “on the type of protests and identified individuals” there.

The hundreds of thousands, likely millions of files the Surveillance State start on people are always maintained. Nowadays, every single person attending a peaceful protest march is filmed and a file set up. If the Spooks decide to look at you, your file will always be there even if they have concluded you are NO THREAT.


It was important to the Imperial Enforcers to label the 89 people they targeted. They used systemologist Dr. Eli Sopow‘s criteria of protestor tactics and traits (V) Volatile (D) Disruptive and (P) Passive.

The categories were further broken down with legal terms to describe Suspect, Person of Interest and Associate. The totally Passive people were excluded from the study. According to Sopow, as much as 80% of protestors are law abiding people, ie passive. See the report for definitions.

External Influencers

The Sitka report zooms in on this group of mobile and vocal people. The elitists are always looking for our leaders because they presume we must have a hierarchy like theirs. They are not capable of understanding our independent actions based on the same ties to Mother Earth. They claim, “The analysis established that a cohesive national network of protestors working towards a collective goal does not exist”.

“Most Aboriginal public order events are local and draw local groups of protstors. However, a small group of external influencers will travel to areas to support local events, as well as represent their own agenda. This is demonstrated by the core group of protesteors identified within this project, whom have been shown to travel outside their own communities.”

State Agents are very worried about “external influencers” who may not be Indigenous. They just can’t believe we are capable of independent action. They write, “external influencers do not necessarily need to be physically present; they can faciliate or influence via social media and/or financing.”

And that is where independent media and journalists become targeted.

“The events most attended by identified individuals…are those opposing natural resource development, particularly pipeline and shale gas expansion. Some of these individuals advocate unlawful, and at times, violent protest tactics and techniques, yet THERE IS NO KNOWN EVIDENCE THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS POSE A DIRECT THREAT TO CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE”. (our emphasis)

But they’ll keep on looking for it or maybe make some up if they can’t find any.

“There is also no indication of organized crime exploiting the loose network associated to Aborignal protests to pursue a criminal agenda.”

So why so much time, effort and money spent to spy on people who POSE NO THREAT?!?!

Is this too a piece of double speak? Do the Colonial Elitists actually think Indigenous people are a serious threat, possibly the only threat/obstacle to their relentless imperial pillage and plunder here on Turtle Island??


Don’t you just love it when they label us and put us into their neat little boxes? Let’s play along and rate ourselves as we go. We can even make up our own questions. These files are available to frontline cops on the street.

The Protestor Target Profile

This sheet includes the usual name, address, etc with a box for AFFILIATION Group- Individuals-. The box may be small but rest assured, there will be attached sheets as needed. It’s only common sense that an effective activist has associates, family, friends and even a support group. Everyone and anyone of those people will be on the RCMP list in the target person’s file. Some of these people will have their own files depending on their activity and perceived importance.

“Personalities and Tactics of Individual Protestors”.

This sheet provides the summarized analysis of each subject. Presuming you have accepted the label of “protestor”, rate your COMMITMENT LEVEL. Each line has 3 columns to the right. The titles of these columns have all been redacted.

Soft Commitment (P)

Very Committed (D)

Anarchist Oriented (V)

There seems to be a huge leap between the very committed and the anarchist orientation. If you are zealously committed then you must be an anarchist. The word “anarchist” itself has various meanings. To the RCMP it would be a derogatory term to describe lawless behaviour. To a self proclaimed Anarchist, it means you’re not a sheeple and don’t obey just for the sake of obeying.

(Rick, are you reading this??)

It follows by their logic, that you would be rated for your LAWFULNESS. You may be law abiding (P), Law Resisting (D) or Violence Prone (V). If you want to see an antiquated or unfair law changed, does that make you a law resister? What about all the corporate law resisters?? And then the big leap again to violence prone. What these guys really mean is that you should passively obey the laws they enforce with quite a bit of “violence proneness”.

State Agents worry a lot about the Internet. Created by the US military, cyberspace is a battleground where we are engaged in severe psychological warfare. Therefore, controlling the battlefield implies controlling the outcome. Creative people, both Activists and Imposters everywhere use the World Wide Web to get out their messages.

The RCMP are right on it, “One of the identified tactics utilized by volatile protestors is to provide misinformation and wild accusations, particularly against police to provoke a crowd response. Volatile protestors rely heavily on the internet to spread their messaging, be vocal of peaceful protestors and incite violence. Disruptive protestors are also known to rely heavily on the internet to spread their messages and link to common fears. Several subjects are known to maintain a heavy online presence through the use of blogs to achieve this messaging.”

The NatIntel crew looked at NETWORKS, SOCIAL MEDIA and LANGUAGE/RHETORIC. For this category, they provide 4 choices. At one end, “emotional language” (P). Wow, now that is in the eye of the beholder!. On the other end is “Inflammatory Language” (V). Would that be as in “Fuck the Police”? Or are they just “Dramatic words/Symbols (D). And the other category is “NonViolent Disruptions” (D).

They just don’t know how to classify this most troubling aspect of Protests, for example, when people lie down in the road or kneel in prayer and allow themselves to be arrested. Things like what were going on at Standing Rock for several months. The State Agents are puzzled, even intimidated but that doesn’t stop them from using all their most militarized tactics in defence of their corporate bosses. They are well paid.

OTHER PROTEST TACTICS include “provokes police reaction” (V), ‘Outrageous demands” and “Wild accusations”. These vague categories require a judgment call on the part of police.

Group Dynamics and Organizations

During any given Indigenous event involving law enforcement, there are many players involved, each with his/her own agenda, expectations and preconceived ideas. It’s a crazy mix for anyone trying to “control” the situation.

Sopow the systemologist advises the RCMP, “…the longer a protest continues, the stronger and larger the web of interconnectivity grows and the more difficult it will be to disentangle.” (Think Standing Rock!)

The RCMP uses Sopow’s “Public Order Profile Scale”

The Report describes and categorizes some organizatons that came up in connection with the subjects. This makes it easy to identify some of the prominent individuals in these groups.

What a hoot! The Council of “Closet Wannabee” Canadians!? Are they supposed to be radical? Puh-lease. This organization is elitist environmentalists, money people. They’ll tell you membership is only $100. For some people, that’s a lot of grocery money. What would Maude Barlow’s file look like. How about Elizabeth May’s?!

Seriously now. Then comes Defenders of the Land, a phoney group if there ever was one. These are the armchair radicals. Robert Lovelace had a lot to do with this group whose current spokesperson is Russell Diabo. Didn’t he get run out of a certain Indigenous community for stealing $millions?? Poor Russ, he’s the only one named in the document. He’ll be thrilled to pieces. We’re told he’s hiding out in the West now.

Ancestral Pride, Secwepemc Women Warriors and Native Youth Movement are on the list along with Rising Tide and Indigenous Environmental Network which is playing a prominent role in the Standing Rock situation. At least two of the Women Warriors involved in these groups are or have been at Standing Rock as well. Their broadcasts and strong language will certainly have them under scrutiny now. The RCMP will have most certainly shared their files with the FBI and the Morton County Sheriff.

The 3 Media Co-ops are also included. The inclusion of these media is disturbing since they are online news media. One particular intrepid Media Co-op reporter was on the scene during the standoff in 2013, recording very damning evidence against the RCMP. What kind of profiles do the RCMP have on CNN and CBC?

Another two groups included in the Manitoba section are Crazy Indian Brotherhood and Unfuck the World.

CIB is about Indigenous guys trying to get out of gangs, especially in Winnipeg. They are currently doing street patrols to rid their neighbourhood of drug dealers. Of course, the State Agents would scrutiinize these guys with whom they most likely are already acquainted.

The global organization UTW focuses on the plight of homeless people and street outreach type activities. Everybody knows a revolution is built on the “lumpen proletariat”.

Toronto-based OCAP Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is on the list, being described as a rather benign group. Did the RCMP forget about Toronto police attacking and battling with OCAP members during an anti poverty rally at Queens Park in June, 2000?? They threw a lotta tear gas that day, attacking people with truncheons and horses and making many arrests. The ambulances were afraid to go in for hours.


The National Intelligence Coordination Centre NICC and Community and Aboriginal Policing CAP made this report “to help reduce the threat, incidence and prevalence of serious criminality associated to Aborignal public order”. This report concerns a “National Tactical Intelligence Priority NTIP”. The document was “processed by CSIS under Provisions of the Privacy Act and Access to Information Act”.

In the Executive Summary “they” claim, “the RCMP must be able to identify the small minority of individuals who have been known to utilize unlawful tactics at protests that pose a threat to public safety”.

In their conclusion, they write, “…little national cohesion, structure or leadership. The commonality appears to be issue-driven, with a grassroots movement across Canada…the overall nature of the protest culture associated to Aboriginal public order events in Canada is passive, with no intentional criminal nexus.”

They note, “… the majority of the more active individuals within each province have been active within the Aboriginal protest and occupation sphere for more than several years in varying capacities and not always carrying out criminal activities. Criminality is not the driving force…”

No shit, Einstein! The rest of the report deals with RECOMMENDATIONS. Read and analyze.


Since no names are signed to the document, we had to look for them. Starting with National Intelligence Coordination Centre and Community and Aboriginal Policing, we soon learned it wasn’t easy to find out about this bunch of spooks.

The name of “Richard Bernard” of the RCMP doesn’t show up on the RCMP web site search?? There were 2 hits for “Rick Bernard”.

In March 2014, Rick was in New Brunswick [Mikmaq territory] investigating credit card fraud. Then sargeant, Rick Bernard was stationed at the Grand Bay-Westfield Detachment, Southeast District RCMP.

During the violent confrontation near Elsipogtog on Mi’kMaq territory, Rick Bernard was the RCMP Tactical Troop Site Commander. He led the charge on the Mik:maq.

On the scene reporter Miles Howe wrote an article in Halifax Media Co-op, “Serving a Corporate Agenda: Canada’s RCMP Brutalize Indigenous People for Opposing Fracking on Their Land.”

“… with tensions now becoming highly escalated between the encroaching line of police in the field adjacent to the encampment and the Warriors now on a public dirt road, two officers approached Seven Bernard, chief of the Warrior Society. They attempted to serve Bernard with SWN’s contentious injunction. Dozens of guns from all angles were pointed at all of us.

“Seven Bernard began to walk away from the officer attempting to serve him the injunction. If it matters, the officer in question was the same Sergeant Rick Bernard who had earlier in the summer arrested me on charges of threats and obstruction of justice – both of which amounted to nothing and were subsequently dropped.

“Sergeant Bernard threw the injunction at his namesake, saying: “Consider yourself served.”

Sargeant Bernard was then rewarded for his loyalty to the Crown with a promotion. Now he’s a big shot at NICC National Intelligence Coordination Centre in Ottawa. What are the odds HE wrote the Sitka report and got paid very well for it? He probably gained 20 pounds from all the donuts he stuffed in his face while “working” on it. Is this supposed to be his revenge on the Mik:Maq and their Allies??

Always Going Back To The Ipperwash (Linden) Report

The Sitka report uses the Ipperwash report as its launch pad. The RCMP are trying to understand that “the fundamental conflict is land – the (real or perceived) control, use and ownership of land”.

A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Project SITKA was focused on identifying potential threats to public safety at indigenous events and protests.

“This focus was in keeping with recommendations stemming from the 2007 Ipperwash Inquiry report, which highlighted the need to examine aboriginal protests as a separate and distinctive form of protest requiring dedicated and unique police resources, strategies and responses,” said Scott Bardsley.”

That report came out in April/May 2007. In June 2007 we witnessed the startup of a fully police-led phoney protest opposing uranium mining near Sharbot Lake Ontario. It has been the template for protests ever since. One guy always in the background is Jim Potts. Be on the lookout for him and others like him.


The State Agencies want Indigenous people to be kept in their own special category by way of “a holistic Community Analysis methodology” probably modeled on the old Indian Reports. Then they can profile everyone on or with ties to the Rez BEFORE they even think of raising a dissident voice. The RCMP want to work with communities to identify troublemakers. They hate those “external influencers” like non Status Indigenous people who always complicate the picture. They have no problem with sending in their own disrupting provocateurs.

In their words, “this community analysis will not only provide information on where the next potential protest would occur, but follows the basic principles of Community Policing Problem Solving Model (CAPRA). It also enables communities to actively engage, communicate and cooperate with police on topics and issues that have the potential to lead to grievances or miscommuncations…”

The RCMP will share their findings with “RCMP internal/external stakeholders”. Who would that be? The very corporations whose interests the RCMP clearly defend? It’s not you and me.


Everything about this Project Sitka Report is deeply disturbing. It is but a glimpse into the bigger picture of the Surveillance State, its magnitude and the great expense and profits involved. The numbers of people investigated, the files being kept on them and their networks is growing. That most of these people have never been charged with any crimes is certainly an indicator of police statism which seeks such a degree of control in people’s lives. And for what purpose??

For the list of 89, in the final analysis, the threat was considered actually low. Yet the files will be maintained. More individuals can be surveilled and files compiled BASED ON THE PERSONALITY TRAITS ALONE.

It’s the same ole, same ole, Indigenous people are being used as the test group for this latest phase of social engineering in a police state. We see a lot of problems with this framework and these control freaks in our lives. Problems are made to be solved.

Share widely!!!


Project Sitka Report


It appears that NICC was formerly CI Criminal Intelligence and/or Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) see their file…




National Intelligence Coordination Centre

73 Leikin Drive, Ottawa, Ontario


Eli Sopow


Elders will get a good laugh out of Egghead Eli’s Applying Complexity Science for Organization Development

Check out Eli’s “shadow systems”. This man is no dummy and now he works for the RCMP. Will they use their newfound insights to fight us or to understand us?


Dr. Eli Sopow, “Anticipating and managing civil disobedience through use of the Public Order profile scale,” Presented to: National Session Critical Infrastructure Program Royal Canadian Mounted Police (29 March 2012).

Dr. Sopow has been directly involved with observing, studying, analyzing and intervening in public protests for over 40 years. He has advised the Government of British Columbia, many resource corporations, financial institutions and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He currently works for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and provides training and advice on public order events.”

Richard Bernard




Sitka (derived from Sheet’ká, a contraction of the Tlingit Shee At’iká)[4] means “People on the Outside of Baranof Island”, whose Tlingit name is Sheet’-ká X’áat’l (here contracted to Shee).

The Ipperwash Inquiry

Sidney B. Linden, Commissioner



The RCMP Used Police Databases and Social Media to Track Aboriginal Protestors

Written by

Jordan Pearson

Staff Writer (Canada)

Special thanks to Carleton University professor Jeffrey Monaghan and researcher Andy Crosby for exposing Project Sitka.

Jeff is at both Carleton and Queens U.


Photo of Jeffrey Monaghan

Jeffrey Monaghan

Assistant Professor

Degrees: Ph.D. (Sociology), Queen’s University

Phone: 613-520-2600 x 7018

Email: Jeffrey.Monaghan@carleton.ca

Office: C576 Loeb Building

Jeffrey Monaghan


B.A. (Hons.)

PhD Candidate


Email: j.monaghan@queensu.ca

Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 74680

Office: C501 Mackintosh-Corry Hall

Supervisor: Dr. David Murakami Wood

Research Interests

Surveillance studies; geographies of (in)security; security governance; socio-spatial conflict; settler colonial studies; access to information / freedom of information practices.

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Strange Bedfellows Gettin Creepier

*** Strange Bedfellows Gettin Creepier ***

Good guys don’t build walls; they mend fences.

Strange Bedfellows Gettin Creepier

Cast of Players:

John “Chew yer tongue” Baird and Handler Oren “Plastic is Fantastic” Cainer

Stephen “Slimey as Evuh” Harper

Meir “Teenie Weenie” Weinstein and the JDL Jewish Defense League

The Three Stooges: Ezra “Poison Pen” Levant, Mark “Speaks out of His” Vandermaas, Gary “Belly too big to See It” McHale

Vivian “Snow Yellow” Bercovici

and others

The Anglo-Zionist-American imperialists have long collaborated in stealing other peoples’ land.

In a March 2013 article, we showed the ties between JDL Jewish Defense League commandant Meir Weinstein and Gary McHale, biggest instigator and anti Indigenous at 6N Six Nations Territory during the Kanehstoten Douglas Estates standoff in 2006/7. These trouble makers have never ceased their dangerous provocations.

AIPAC Convention Not News and Canadians

Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper was in Washington last month at the AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee convention. Some 20,000 guests attended, including over 3,000 students in for the brainwashing of a lifetime. AIPAC is Washington’s most powerful foreign policy lobby.

Harper was interviewed on stage by former CNN anchor Frank Sesno. Evidently, they had to keep him under control.

Three more Canadians with close ties to Harper, are listed as speakers:

John Baird, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, General Busybody, now Senior Advisor at mega law firm, Bennett Jones.

Oren Cainer, Baird’s long time apparent sidekick/more likely handler, major Canadian policy maker, director at Eurasia Group.

Vivian Bercovici, Toronto lawyer, sometime Star columnist, CBC director, former Canadian Ambassador to Israel appointed by Baird AND Canada’s Chief Federal Negotiator for the specific claims of the Lac Seul First Nation and Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. Is it any wonder!?

Vivian had no qualms about telling the Tyendinaga Mohawks they could have some cash but they weren’t getting their land back. In 2014, she cheered the bombing of Gaza.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations and US VP Michael Pence were speakers. Other speakers include Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer of NYC, actually a good friend of Trump’s, US congressmen including African American Marc Veasey (D-TX) Member, Armed Services Committee, US military, Israeli military Maj. Gen. Mickey Edelstein, Israeli Defense and Armed Forces Attaché to the United States and members of the Knesset as well as academics, think tankers, synagogue and church reps.

One very noteworthy speaker was Rwandan president Paul Kagame, Israel’s #1 and possibly only friend in Africa. see black agenda note.

Kagame’s message is simple, Rwanda is a friend of Israel…and the US. It is hard to listen to his voice. The narrative surrounding the massacres in Rwanda and neighbouring DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo which took the lives of over 5 million people, is twisted. The bloodshed is ongoing.

Protesters and Protesters Protesting Protesters

Outisde the convention, there were protesters, groups like IfNotNow (Young Jews opposing Israeli policy) and BDS Boycotts, Divestment & Sanctions, a Palestinian strategy.

There were protesters protesting the protesters, always a recipe for confrontation and violence. JDL members all the way from Toronto were ready to scrap as usual. They’ve attacked people in Toronto and elsewhere before.

This time, it is reported that an unknown number of JDL thugs attacked protesters. As police stood by, they beat and seriously injured Kamal Nayfeh, a 55-year old Palestinian-American teacher. Two of the attackers were arrested, one from Thornhill, ON, north of Toronto, where a large Jewish community is located. Yosef Steynovitz, 32 and Rami Lubranicki, 59, of Howell, N.J., are charged with assault causing bodily harm. Charges for “hate crimes” may be added and would bring a heavier sentence. The two were arrested only after the victim’s daughter loudly insisted to the police.

The Canadian media have utterly failed to report on this matter. Canadian Jewish News and Haaretz over in Israel did.

We’ve seen this all too often before – “right wing” hooligans cozy with cops attack peaceful protesters for whom cops have only contempt. You’ll see this lots more in the coming days. It’s called Repression.

This is really twisted. The tactics of groups like JDL are identical with those used by Hitler’s S.A. Here’s one description from the Holocaust Explained:

“In 1921 Hitler set up a group within the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ party) that would protect his political meetings from attacks by rivals. It gave a military look, feel and discipline to the party. This group was known as the ‘stormtroopers’ (Sturm Abteilung – SA) or ‘Brownshirts’.

“Many members of the SA were former soldiers unemployed since the end of the war. As the SA grew in size, rather than simply protecting Hitler and Nazi meetings from opponents, they began to disrupt the meetings of rival political groups.

“As the Nazis gained power through democratic means, the SA gained a reputation as a well-organised gang of violent thugs. This frightened and put many off Nazism, but others were attracted by the organisation and discipline of a uniformed group.”

JDL North America leader Meir “Teenie Weenie” Weinstein was outside the AIPAC convention too, no doubt urging on his henchmen to attack people who dare to speak out against them.

Weinstein is very active in JDL youth training and setting up new chapters such as in Calgary. He’s been kicked off FB. In 2014, “Teenie Weenie” was part of a 208 person delegation that went to Isreal with Stephen Harper at Canadian government expense. The trip cost over $239,000! His name does not appear on the official list of the delegates.

Harper got to tell the Knesset that “through fire and water, Canada will stand with you.” According to Haaretz, Harper said anti-Zionism is “the new face of anti-Semitism”. He stated that “Canada won’t tolerate delegitimization of Israel.” He confirmed all that at the AIPAC conference the other day.

The following year John Baird signed an MOU in Jerusalem which leads to criminalization of Palestinians and the BDS movement,
“Deeply concerned by efforts to single out the State of Israel for criticism and isolate the State of Israel internationally including calls for a boycott of the State of Israel, for the divestment of investments, and for sanctions to be imposed on Israel,

Recognizing that the selective targeting of Israel reflects the new face of anti-Semitism…” And John confirmed all that too at the AIPAC conference the other day.

And so it goes with Canaduh!!!

Buddies of Buddies

A busy speaker/propagandist, Weinstein has some buddies like anti Indigenous Ezra “Poison Pen” Levant and HIS buddies, Mark “Speaks out of his” Vandermaas and Gary “Belly Too Big to See It” McHale who continue to vilify Indigenous every chance they get.

Birds of a feather they flock together. The bed’s getting fuller and the creeps are getting creepier. Levant is now busy with RiseCanada, a vociferous belligerent anti immigrant broadcast. Vandermaas is training more terrorists. McHale is preaching and spewing his nonsense in Caledonia. He will be speaking to the Christian Heritage Party CHP in Listowel, Ontario on April 10.

Why are these terrorists allowed to cross the imaginary line/border??

JDL members have been investigated by the RCMP but nothing came of it.

According to the FBI, “…In December 2001 Irving David Rubin and Earl Leslie Krugel, members of the extremist Jewish Defense League, were arrested as they were in the final stages of planning attacks against the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the local office of U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa.”

Canadian prime ministers continue to love Israel and all things Jewish while paying lip service to Muslims and even bringing in thousands of Syrian presumably Muslim refugees. What a mix up. It’s all about the gelt. How much blood flows doesn’t matter to some people.

Now academia, Ryerson University in Toronto, have changed their definition of anti semitism to include criticism of Israeli policies. What about free and open discussion in the classroom??

If the FBI list the JDL Jewish Defense League as a terrorist group, why are these terrorists allowed to cross the border??? Millions of Canadians having criminal record for possession of marijuana are denied entry to the US and are labeled “undesirables”.

Of course everyone is aware of POTUS Trump’s ban on Muslims and his efforts to stop immigration from certain countries not friendly to Israel.

The JDL buddies up with neoNazis like the Soldiers of Odin in Vancouver in an apparent contradiction which really isnt. These are guys who love to bash heads and draw blood. They are a growing militarized sector of the population, sometimes former military, who go to protests and other people’s meetings to disrupt and sow chaos. Why don’t they just kick the shit out of each other?

Toronto has a large well established Jewish population – just take a drive up Bathurst Street – many of whom are financing JDL as well as sending large sums of $$$ to Israel and groups like the Jewish Nation Fund (JNF).

Canada doesn’t want us to talk about all this. They want to pretend the problem is about religion when it’s really about Plunder and Violent Occupation in which they are intimately involved.

So now, should we brace ourselves for the accusations of anti semitism and various name calling or even threats?? Maybe, we’ll find out next time we go into Hermes for some of the best bagels and poppy seed cake in the world. Maybe we better go for baclava instead!


Some Really Strange and Creepy Bed Fellows at Caledonia

AIPAC Convention


Stephen Harper



Harper’s Israel’s trip worth $239,000 price tag: CIJA

By Cara Stern –

February 24, 2014

John Baird



Oren Cainer


Oren gets around, travel expenses:


Vivian Bercovici

Decided to stay in Jerusalem:


Tyendinaga Mohawks will never forget:


Quinte Mohawks break off negotiations over land claim


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Rwanda & Paul Kagame



Read the transcript here: http://www.policyconference.org/article/transcripts/2017/kagame.asp

BDS Movement

Boycotts, Divestment & Sanctions


BDS is a strategy that allows people of conscience around the world to play an effective role in the Palestinian struggle for justice.

In July 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights

Jewish Defense League


Canadian JDL member charged in D.C. beating of Palestinian-American

By Ron Csillag –

March 31, 2017


JDL Canada: Ready for Your Closeup, Gentlemen!

April 4, 2017 By Richard Silverstein


Jewish Defence League organizes hate, violence


This is a promo video for JDL kids camp meir

“I came from Israel to train kids in America…8,000 fighting jews”


Jewish Defense League is a terrorist group authorized by French Governments


strong following

“we are jews, noble and cruel, we are well trained and equipped…”

journalists harassed, beaten, vehicle burned

Daniel Moshe Johnson @ JDL Calgary Chapter Launch Meir Weinstein 2016


There’s plenty out there on Meir Weinstein.

This was reported in Haaretz:

In 2015, Lubranicki appeared on The Glazov Group, a conservative news channel on YouTube, as the founder of American Bikers United Against Jihad. He identified himself as an Israeli-born Jewish American.


More Notes

And of course, the Crown still has no honour, even for their Allies at 6N.

And Sarah Dover is still in there too.




Former top AIPAC official claims to have “about 180” documents that

demonstrate that classified information was regularly collected by AIPAC and

given to the Israeli Embassy with full knowledge of the organization’s

Director Kohr and other senior officials




This could have been called “Snow Yellow and the Seven Useless Dinks”